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By buying a plane ticket to Azerbaijan, you can fly to a country that is the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan, the country with the largest surface area in the South Caucasus, has a rich natural diversity as well as being adjacent to the Caucasus Mountains. Despite being a Muslim country, it is possible to see examples of opera and theater arts frequently in Azerbaijan.

Information About Azerbaijan, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

You can see the Caspian Sea in the east of the Caucasus, Russia in the north, Armenia in the west, Iran in the south and Georgia in the northwest, thanks to the purchase of a plane ticket to Azerbaijan. Traces of the Old Stone Age and Bronze Age have been found in the Leylatepe and Saraytepe necropolises in Azerbaijan, which was also a settlement area in the Stone Age.

Azerbaijan, which offered a rich atmosphere in terms of tourism in the 1980s, experienced a loss in tourism revenues after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Nagorno-Karabakh War. The country, which has a temperate climate, also draws attention with the diversity of animal species. Azerbaijani Turkish was the official language in Azerbaijan, whose capital is Baku. English and Russian are also widely spoken.

Ethnic diversity in Azerbaijan is also reflected in its culture. It is possible to come across the diversity in music, literature, architecture, cuisine, folk dances and art almost all over the country, with the influence of different religions. Nowruz is one of the most important celebrations of the country. Nevruz, one of the reflections of Zoroastrianism, is derived from traditional New Year celebrations.

Influenced by and influencing European and Middle Eastern Cuisine, fresh vegetables and fruits have a great contribution to Azerbaijan Cuisine. Azerbaijan, where the influences from Iranian, Russian and Turkish cuisines are seen, is especially famous for its pilafs and kebabs. The equivalent of the dish known as "ravioli" in Turkish cuisine is "Düşbere" and "Gürze" in Azeri cuisine.

Capital Baku is rich in places to visit. Flame Towers and Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center are among the most important structures of both the city and Azerbaijan. The old part of the city, known as the Inner City, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, is 360 kilometers away from Baku.

How to Get to the Airport?

It is possible to reach Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku by buying a plane ticket to Azerbaijan. Metro, buses and taxis are used to reach the airport, which is 20 kilometers northeast of the city. Baku city center takes about an hour by bus. Ganja International Airport, Lankaran International Airport, Ganja International Airport, Nakhchivan Airport and Yevlakh Airport are other airports from which you can reach Azerbaijan directly.

Transportation to Azerbaijan

Like every country where the Silk Road passes, Azerbaijan is also very rich in transportation. It is possible to reach the country by air, sea, rail and road. Thanks to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, also known as the "Iron Silk Road", European Railways will be connected to Kazakhstan and China. Buses and minibuses are used for urban transportation in Azerbaijan. In order to use a taxi, it is beneficial to use taxis that have taximeters or to negotiate before getting into the taxi.

Airlines with Flights to Azerbaijan

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus

• Lufthansa

• Emirates

• Qatar Airways

• Nasair

• Oman Air

• Gulf Air

• Indigo

• Kuwait Airways

• Polish Airlines

• Azerbaijan Airlines

Is Azerbaijan's Cultural and Artistic Life Colorful?

The rich cultural life of Azerbaijan is crowned with festivals. It would be appropriate to wait for the Mugham World International Music Festival and Silk Road Music Festival to go to the country whose music festivals are world-famous.

Which Season Is Ideal To Visit Azerbaijan?

Due to the continental climate prevailing in the country, the winter months are cold. In the summer months, the heat that can be called sweltering can be seen. For this reason, the months of April, May, June, September or October should be preferred to go to Azerbaijan.

What Language Is Used in Azerbaijan?

The official language is Azerbaijani Turkish, and Russian and English are also widely spoken.

How Many Days Is It Required To Visit Azerbaijan?

It is necessary to make a two-week program in order to visit the important places of Azerbaijan to the fullest. This period may vary according to the interests of the people and the speed of the program.

What is Azerbaijan's Management Type?

Azerbaijan is governed by the "Parliamentary Republic" method.

What are the Livelihoods of Azerbaijan?

Tourism, oil and natural gas are important sources of the country's livelihood. In addition, copper, iron and zinc resources also contribute to the Azerbaijani industry.

What can be brought as souvenirs from Azerbaijan trip?

Traditional Azerbaijani Arts are as diverse as Turkish Arts. Carpets, rugs and copper are among the most preferred souvenirs. It is possible to come across authentic products in various markets in Baku.

Azerbaijan Which Vehicles Are Used in Urban Transportation in Turkey?

Buses, minibuses and taxis are used extensively throughout the country. It is one of the least used methods as it is not common in the metro.

Is a Visa Required for Azerbaijan?

There are various types of visas to enter Azerbaijan. These; general visa, diplomatic visa, service visa and transit visa. In order to visit the country, the traveler must apply to the Azerbaijan Consulate with the necessary documents after choosing the appropriate visa.

What Currency Does Azerbaijan Use?

The official currency of the country is Azerbaijan Manat.

What to Eat in Azerbaijan?

Dusbere, Qutab, Hinkal, Meatballs Kebab, Dovğa Soup, Pear Soda, and Moroccan Jam are often praised by those who pass by the country.

Does Azerbaijan Have a Coast to the Caspian Sea?

The coast of the country to the Caspian Sea is the deepest point with 1025 meters. Diving in the Caspian Sea is very popular.

Is Azerbaijan an Expensive Country?

Accommodation and eating and drinking places suitable for every budget can be found in Azerbaijan. In general, life cannot be said to be expensive.

Is Azerbaijan Suitable for Students?

Azerbaijan is frequently preferred by students due to its language similarity and the opportunities offered.

Is Azerbaijan Safe?

Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries in the world. Theft, snatching and harassment are considered as serious crimes in the country. The safety of tourists is a priority.

Is a Visa Obtained from Turkish Citizens Who Want to Visit Azerbaijan?

Turkish citizens can obtain a one-month visa at Haydar Aliyev International Airport and Ganja International Airport without applying for a visa beforehand. For longer visits, it is necessary to get information from the consulates.

Is Agriculture Widespread in Azerbaijan?

Grain, fruit, tea, grapes, cotton and tobacco are widely grown in Azerbaijan. In addition, silk cocoons are grown from the mulberry tree. In addition, animal husbandry is highly developed depending on biodiversity.

Azerbaijan Flight Information

It is possible to reach Azerbaijan directly from Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Ganja International Airport, Lankaran International Airport, Nakhchivan Airport and Yevlakh Airport with an Azerbaijan flight ticket. Buses, minibuses or taxis are used to reach the city centers from these airports, which are very close to the city centers.

Destination Airport: Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: GYD

Destination City Name: Baku, Azerbaijan


Destination Airport: Ganja International Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: GNJ

Destination City Name: Ganja, Azerbaijan


Destination Airport: Lankaran International Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: LLK

Destination City Name: Lankaran, Azerbaijan


Destination Airport: Nakhchivan Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: NAJ

Destination City Name: Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan


Destination Airport: Yevlakh Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: YLV

Destination City Name: Yevlah, Azerbaijan

Popular Airlines

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus

• Lufthansa

• Emirates

• Qatar Airways

• Nasair

• Oman Air

• Gulf Air

• Indigo

• Kuwait Airways

• Polish Airlines

• Azerbaijan Airlines

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