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People who buy a flight ticket to Azerbaijan can visit Azerbaijan, which is famous for its slogan of two states, one nation. Azerbaijan is called Turkey's sister country and should be one of the travel destinations for people who want to witness Turkish culture closely. The country, which draws attention with its rich culture, is one of the important destinations of the world to be discovered with its touristic cities. People traveling to Azerbaijan, where it is possible to travel from Turkey without a visa, can look at Turkish culture from a different perspective and have an enjoyable trip in the country.

Information about Azerbaijan, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy Azerbaijan flight tickets have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities of the Asian continent. The largest city of the country is Baku and Baku is also the capital. It is easy to communicate with the public in the country where Azerbaijani Turkish is spoken. Although Azerbaijani Turkish and the Turkish spoken in Turkey differ slightly, people traveling in the country will get used to this language in a short time. People who speak Turkish to local people can express themselves easily. In addition to Azerbaijani Turkish, it is also possible to communicate with the local people in the country by speaking English and Russian.

People who buy a flight ticket to Azerbaijan have the chance to visit a country governed by a parliamentary republic and with different climate types. Since Azerbaijan has different altitudes, different climate types are seen within the country. For this reason, it is not possible to say anything clear about the vegetation of Azerbaijan, but forest type vegetation prevails in the higher parts of the country. More than 25% of the country is covered with forests and Azerbaijan is among the greenest countries.

People who will buy Azerbaijan flight tickets may wonder in what period they should visit the country. People who visit Azerbaijan should first know that the temperate continental climate prevails in the country. Although there is a temperate continental climate, the winter months are very cold, especially in the higher parts of the country. During the summer months, it is possible to encounter sweltering heat in the country. Although the parts of Azerbaijan close to the Caspian Sea have a more temperate climate, serious temperatures are also encountered in this region during the summer months. For this reason, it is recommended that people who want to visit Azerbaijan do their trip in the spring months.

In order to go to Azerbaijan, people who visit the country should make sure that their trips coincide with the festival period. Music festivals are frequently held in Azerbaijan, and the Mugham World International Music Festival is held in the capital in March. In addition to this festival, it is also possible to attend the Gabala Music Festival and the Silk Road Music Festival if you visit the country in the summer months. There are direct flights to Azerbaijan from Turkey. Thanks to the flights between Istanbul and Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, you can reach Baku after a 3-hour journey. The distance between Istanbul and Baku is 2,230 kilometers and you can easily reach Baku with direct flights. You can also travel to Azerbaijan from other cities of Turkey via Istanbul.

During your trip to Azerbaijan, the country's delicious pastries should definitely be tasted. When Azerbaijan is mentioned, the local manti called düsbere comes to mind. This manti is very delicious and everyone who visits the country should not leave the country without eating this manti. In addition to manti, it is possible to taste Azerbaijani flatbread and kebab in the country. Especially the famous flavor called lüle kebab can be tasted during your trip to Azerbaijan.

People who want to stay in Azerbaijan can see that Baku is the most preferred by tourists. Baku is one of the favorite spots of people visiting the country because it is close to touristic spots and has more accommodation areas.

During your trip to Azerbaijan, the capital Baku should be visited first. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center should definitely be seen during your visit to Baku. In addition, since carpet weaving attracts attention in the country, Letif Kerimov Carpet Museum should definitely be added to the list of places to visit during your trip to Azerbaijan. People who visit Baku can also visit Ateshgah and Baku Zoo.

After Baku, another important city to visit in the country is Ganja. Ganja is a city that hosts historical buildings. Therefore, people visiting this city are recommended to visit the Shah Abbas Caravanserai, the Armenian church and the central museum. Also, the Atatürk Street Government Building and Cuma Mosque in the city should also be visited.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Heydar Aliyev International Airport is the point of transportation between Azerbaijan and the countries. Heydar Aliyev International Airport from Turkey It is also important because it is an airport with direct flights. The airport is located in Baku and is located 20 kilometers from the city center of Baku. People who want to reach the airport from different points of the country can choose the buses and metro network that provide service within the country. If a more comfortable journey is preferred, taxis and rental cars will come to the rescue of users.

Transportation to Azerbaijan

Air will be the most practical method of transportation to Azerbaijan. You can reach the country by air after a 3-hour journey from Istanbul Airport. People arriving in Azerbaijan can choose buses or minibuses for their urban travel. For intercity journeys, it is recommended to use the developed metro network.

Airlines with Flights to Azerbaijan

• AnadoluJet

• Azerbaijan airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Turkish Airlines

Where Should Azerbaijan Trip Start?

People traveling from Turkey to Azerbaijan land in the capital with the flight ticket they have purchased. Baku, the capital of the country, will be the best starting point for your Azerbaijan trip. People who visit Baku can then travel to other major cities of Azerbaijan.

When to Visit Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is under the influence of a continental climate, and winters in the country are very cold and summers are very hot. For this reason, spring months and the beginning of autumn will be the best dates for people who want to visit the country.

How to Get to Azerbaijan?

People who want to travel to Azerbaijan can choose direct flights from Istanbul or flights from Ankara. Thanks to direct and connecting flights from these two cities, you can fly to Nakhchivan, especially the capital.

Is it possible to travel to Azerbaijan without a visa?

Following the agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Turkish citizens can travel to the country without a visa. People with a passport can easily travel in the country for up to 30 days.

Is Azerbaijani Food Good?

People visiting Azerbaijan can have a delicious trip if they like pastries. A type of manti called Dusbere and an Azerbaijani flatbread that attracts attention with its taste are also available in the country. People who do not like pastries can prefer kebab or the country's local soup.

What to Buy as a Gift from Azerbaijan?

The first option for people who want to buy souvenirs from Azerbaijan is carpets and their derivatives. Since carpet making and weaving are important in the country, it is generally seen that people visiting Azerbaijan turn to woven carpets or rugs.

Where to Shop in Azerbaijan?

People who want to buy souvenirs during their trip to Azerbaijan can visit Nizami Street in the capital. There are shops selling local products and souvenir shops on this street. In this way, people visiting the country can buy souvenir products unique to Azerbaijan.

What is Nightlife Like in Azerbaijan?

When it comes to nightlife in Azerbaijan, the city that comes to mind is Baku. Baku has a colorful nightlife and entertainment venues attract attention in the country. People who like to listen to alternative music can visit a jazz club in the country, while people who want to listen to local songs can visit local venues in Baku.

What Should You Know Before Going to Azerbaijan?

The first thing that people who want to travel to Azerbaijan should know is that they can easily communicate in the country. Since Azerbaijani Turkish will sound very familiar, people who speak Turkey Turkish can easily communicate with the people of Azerbaijan. Since the country is under the influence of windy weather in some periods of the year, trip planning should be made accordingly. In addition, since the altitudes of the country differ, two different climates can be seen in two cities that are not very far apart.

How Many Hours Difference Is There Between Azerbaijan and Türkiye?

Azerbaijan local time is 1 hour ahead of Turkey's local time.

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