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People who buy a Norway flight ticket can visit the country that is famous for its natural beauties. Norway is one of the countries with the most natural beauties due to its location. As the natural beauties of the country have attracted attention recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists. Norway's low crime rate makes it one of the most preferred countries by people who want to travel alone.

Information about Norway, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Norway is governed by a constitutional monarchy and its citizens enjoy high standards of living. Norway is not a member of the European Union, and due to its standards, it has managed to be above the European Union standards. It is possible to easily visit the country within the Schengen area by people who have a Schengen visa.

People who buy a Norway flight ticket can have a pleasant time visiting the states and cities in the country. There are dozens of different places to visit and see, especially in Oslo, the capital of the country. It is also recommended to visit the cities of Bergen and Tromso in Norway.

You can start your trip from King Johans Street in Oslo by purchasing a Norway flight ticket. This street is the most crowded and popular street in Oslo. People who visit the street can enjoy shopping in different shops and get the chance to mingle with locals. Since there are luxury restaurants and cafes on the street, people who want to relax during their trip can also choose this street.

King Johans Street is home to many historical and touristic attractions. People visiting this street are recommended to visit the Royal Palace, which stands out with its impressive architecture. The Royal Palace is the building said to be built by Charles III. There are more than a hundred rooms in the palace. People visiting the Royal Palace can participate in guided tours to more easily visit the rooms in the palace.

The Viking Travel Museum is also a must-see during your trip to Norway. A historical Viking ship is exhibited in the Viking Travel Museum. This museum, which houses the ship, was built on two floors and is visited by visitors interested in the sea at all times of the year. People who want to visit the Viking Ship Museum have the chance to examine the ship here. Since it is located close to the city center, visitors to the museum also have the opportunity to reach other historical points on foot.

Oslo Winter Park will be the favorite place of people visiting Norway during the winter months. Oslo Winter Park is called the largest ski resort in Norway. For this reason, people who visit the country during the winter months should definitely visit Oslo Winter Park. There are 18 ski slopes in Oslo Winter Park. In this way, people visiting the park can participate in many winter sports, especially skiing. People who want to have a more fun time, especially during the winter months, can enjoy the fun in this park, which is half an hour away from the city center.

Oslo Cathedral is another important structure that people visiting the city should see. Oslo Cathedral was built in the late 1600s. Since it was built many years ago, the building has been damaged from time to time. Oslo Cathedral was restored in 1950 and gained its current appearance. It is seen that the cathedral is more preferred by visitors after its restoration. There is no need to pay any fee to enter Oslo Cathedral. The cathedral has managed to attract attention not only with its impressive architecture but also with its history. Especially people who are interested in architecture can examine the architecture of the building closely if they visit the cathedral.

Another important structure that should be seen after purchasing a Norway flight ticket is the Bergen Cathedral. Bergen Cathedral was built in 1181 and can accommodate 1000 people at the same time. The cathedral suffered two major fires, but thanks to the restoration work, it has survived to the present day. If you visit Bergen Cathedral, it is possible to participate in religious ceremonies held in the cathedral. In addition, various musical events are held in the cathedral some nights.

People who travel to Norway can see that most of the local delicacies are prepared from fish. Norway is a country where sea creatures and various kinds of fish are caught due to its location. For this reason, seafood, especially caviar, is frequently preferred in the country. Food called Farikal, prepared with lamb meat, is among the local delicacies that can be tasted during a trip to Norway. People who want to travel around Norway can taste fish soup in Oslo and eat mussels in Bergen.

How to Get to the Airport?

Oslo Gardermoen Airport is suitable for people who want to visit Norway. This is the airport where you need to buy a flight ticket. Oslo Gardermoen Airport is located in the country's capital. Located in the capital Oslo, this airport is approximately 50 kilometers from the city center. People who want to reach the airport from different points in Norway can choose trains. You can reach the airport by train from Oslo city center in 20 minutes. While it is possible to choose trains to reach the airport, it is also possible to choose buses. People who want to reach the airport by bus must travel approximately 1 hour. People who reach the airport after a one-hour journey can travel with direct flights to different countries.

Transportation to Norway

People who want to reach Norway can choose direct flights from Turkey. It is possible to travel to the capital of the country with direct flights from Istanbul. People arriving in Norway can choose buses if they want to travel intercity. People who take buses can also enjoy spending time in comfort while traveling between cities. People who want to travel between cities in Norway often prefer trams. Since it is possible to buy tickets for buses and trams online, the trip can be made more comfortable. Taxis also provide services for traveling within the country, but they are generally not preferred because their fees are very high. People who do not want to use public transportation prefer rental cars instead of taxis.

Airlines with Flights to Norway

• Aegean Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

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Where to Visit in Norway?

Oslo Royal Palace, Viking Ship Museum and Oslo Winter Park should be visited during your visit to Norway.

Do I Need a Visa to Norway?

Norway is a country located in the Schengen area. Therefore, people who want to visit the country must obtain a Schengen visa.

When to Go to Norway?

Norway is a country that should be visited at any time of the year for its festivals. Since it is especially possible to see the northern lights in the country, the number of tourists reaches millions during the northern lights season. People who want to visit Norway should know that the country has a cold climate. Despite the cold climate, many events, from various concerts to movie screenings, are held in the country when the northern lights are observed. For this reason, it is recommended that people who want to visit the country do so during the time when the northern lights occur.

Are there direct flights to Norway?

Norway is a country with direct and connecting flights from Turkey. With a flight ticket purchased from Istanbul, you can travel to Oslo, the capital of Norway, in a short time.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Norway?

Urban transportation in Norway is provided by buses and trains. You can also travel comfortably in the country with taxis and rental cars.

What Should People Visiting Norway Pay Attention to?

The first point that people who want to visit the country should pay attention to is that the country is very cold. For this reason, cold-resistant clothing should be preferred during the country visit. In addition, it would be a better option for the trip if the chosen shoes are resistant to both cold and water.

Where to Stay in Norway?

There are many alternatives to stay during your visit to Norway, from luxury hotels to apartments. In this way, people who want to spend time comfortably can stay in luxury hotels, while apartments can be preferred for more affordable accommodation.

What to Eat in Norway?

People visiting Norway can taste foods prepared using fish. Caviar and fish soup are delicacies that people who visit the country must definitely taste.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Norway?

Since Norway is a cold country, it attracts attention with its clothes that are resistant to cold. People visiting the country can buy cold-resistant clothes as gifts. In addition, since the country is under the influence of Viking culture, keychains or magnets prepared using the Viking theme can also be purchased as gifts.

Is the Crime Rate High in Norway?

Norway is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate. For this reason, even people who want to travel alone can travel safely within the country.​  

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