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It is possible to visit Belarus by purchasing a Belarus (Belarus) flight ticket. Belarus is also known as Belarus or the Republic of Belarus. Belarus is located on the Continent of Europe. Located in the north of Europe, this country draws attention as a former USSR country. Belarus, also known as Belarus, declared its independence in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR. Its capital is Minsk, this country borders Lithuania, Poland and the Russian federation. Belarus is a country where people of many religions live together. While more than 80% of the country is orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, Protestant and Jews also have a very important place in the city.

Information About Belarus, Places To Visit, What To Eat?

One of the most beautiful poems of Europe can be visited by purchasing a flight ticket to Belarus (Belarus). Belarus consists of 6 regions. The capital of the country is Minsk. Minsk is also the largest city in the country. Located in Northern Europe, this country is adjacent to many countries such as the Russian federation, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. The country has no coastline. This city, which has a flat structure and low elevation, is known for its marshy lands. In addition to its marshes, the country has over 10,000 lakes.

Three major rivers also pass through Belarus. The country has such a low elevation structure that the highest area in the country is Dzyarjinsk Hill, which is 345 meters high. The country has a harsh continental climate. For this reason, winters pass with freezing temperatures and snowfalls. The country has a cool structure in summer as well as in winter. For this reason, the number of people who visit the city in summer is quite high. The best time to visit Belarus is between June and August. It is also recommended that people visiting Belarus should collar foods specific to the country's cuisine. Belarus is a country known for its potato food. Most of the country's dishes feature potatoes and mushrooms accompanying potatoes. In addition to potatoes and mushrooms, red meat is among the most used products in the country's cuisine. Potatoes are a prepared food that should be recognized during a trip to Draniki Belarus. This dish, reminiscent of mucver, is one of the best tastes of Belarus. Borsch, also known as borsch, is one of the most important foods of Belarusian cuisine. Although the country does not have a coast to the sea, the lakes and rivers passing through it and fish and seafood are frequently consumed in the country.

Historical and natural structures in the city should be visited during a trip to Belarus. The Belarusian national library is located in Minsk, the capital of the city. This building, which has been in service since 2006, draws attention with its magnificent appearance and millions of works in it. It is known that there are more than 3 million works in the Belarusian national library. This library, which draws attention with its modern exterior, is ranked 3rd among the largest libraries in the world. It is possible to examine the written works by visiting the building and to watch the Minsk view on the top floor of the library.

The KGB center is also one of the must-see points during a trip to Belarus. Belarus has lived under the auspices of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for many years. Established with the collapse of the USSR, the intelligence agency of Belarus is located in the KGB headquarters. The war and history museum is also a must-see during a trip to Belarus. Because Belarus was under the auspices of the USSR for many years, it was devastated by the Nazis. The war and peace museum located in the city center of Minsk is a must-visit museum to witness the history of Belarus. There are many documents in the museum where you can witness the experiences of Belarus. Independence Square is also one of the places to visit during a trip to Belarus. Especially those who want to take pictures can capture impressive frames in the Independence Square. Graffiti street is a street that should be visited by people who want to have a pleasant time and take impressive photos during their trip to Belarus. In this street, there are walls with lots of political graffiti. In addition, many graffiti were placed on the street to remind the events that took place in the country and in the world. People walking the street can both examine the graffiti closely and capture unique photo frames.

The church of St. Simon and Helena is located in the city center of Minsk. It is also known that Kilis is known with the red church because it was built using red bricks. This church, which was built in 1910, has been challenged for many years and has survived to the present day with its impressive appearance. The statue of Saints Simon and Helena is one of the most important Catholic churches in the city. Bolshoi Opera and ballet theater is also a must-see during a trip to Belarus. Especially those who are interested in artistic activities It is recommended to visit this building, which is known as the oldest Opera house of the city. The theater building, which draws attention with its impressive appearance, is also a building where many events are held. It is possible to participate in many artistic activities and take impressive photographs by visiting the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre.

How to Get to the Airport?

People who want to buy a flight ticket to Belarus (Belarus) wonder which airports there are in the country. The airport with the highest number of flights in Belarus can be shown as Minsk National Airport in the capital. Minsk national airport is located 40 kilometers from the city center. There are direct flights to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, from many cities of Turkey. It is possible to travel to Belarus by purchasing plane tickets offered by many companies. This airport is the airport where the first flight was made in 1982. Millions of people who want to visit the country have been traveling to this airport since 1982. Thanks to its large runway, the airport allows hundreds of planes to land every day.

Transportation to Belarus

With the purchase of a Belarus (Belarus) flight ticket, flights to the capital of Belarus can be made. It is possible to fly to Belarus in a short time with direct flights from Turkey. It is very easy to reach the airport in the capital from the city center. The distance of Minsk national airport to the capital is announced as 40 kilometers. Taxi, hotel shuttles, tram bus and rental cars can be preferred to reach the airport from the city center. The first means of transportation that can be preferred to reach the airport from the city center is taxis.

It is possible to find a taxi easily in the city and reach the airport in a short time. People staying at the hotel during their trip to Belarus can also reach the airport with the hotel shuttles allocated by the hotel. Trolleybuses and trams can also be easily preferred to reach the airport from the city center. These two means of transportation have a wide transportation network that can be used both in transportation to the airport and in the city. Buses are the most preferred public transportation vehicles both in urban transportation and to reach the airport.

  In Belarus, buses close to the team serve. Especially in the capital, it is possible to find a bus to go to the airport at any time of the day. It is possible to reach the airport within 1 hour by bus. You can also use the car rental process to reach the airport. With rental cars, you can reach the airport in a shorter time and more comfortably.

Airlines with Flights to Belarus

• Turkish Airlines

• Luftansa

• Take Hand

• Airbaltic

• Aeroflot

• Turkmenistan Airlines


Do I Need a Visa to Visit Belarus?

Turkish citizens do not need a visa to visit Belarus. It is possible to visit the country without a visa with a passport valid for 6 months.

What is the Best Time to Visit Belarus?

The best time to visit Belarus is during the summer months. In the summer months, it is possible to visit the city in a pleasant way as it is quite cool.

What Meals Can Be Eaten During a Visit to Belarus?

Country-specific foods should also be eaten during a trip to Belarus. People visiting the country are recommended to taste the dishes called Draniki and Borşç.

Is Belarus' Nightlife Bustling?

Belarus' nightlife is also very active. Especially in the capital of the country, there are many entertainment centers and nightclubs. During the trip, these places can be visited to witness the nightlife of Belarus closely.

Which means of transportation are used in the city?

Many public transport vehicles can be used to travel within the city in Belarus. Buses, trams, trolleybuses are public transportation vehicles that can be used for trips within the country. It is possible to travel within the country by using these public transport vehicles.

What is the Currency Used in the Country?

The currency used in the country is the Belarusian ruble.

What is the Official Language of Belarus?

The official language of Belarus is Belarusian. It is also shown among the official languages of the country in Russia. In addition to these two languages, Polish is among the most spoken languages in the country.

What Makes Up Belarus' Economy?

Agriculture constitutes the majority of the Belarusian economy. It is also found in factories where the engines of many vehicles are produced in the country.

Is There a Representation of Turkey in Belarus?

There is a foreign representative office of Turkey in the capital of Belarus.

Is Belarus a Safe Country?

Security in Belarus is quite high. It is known that events such as assault and robbery have not been seen in the country for many years. Therefore, we can safely drive the country both day and night. it is possible to travel.

Flight Information to Belarus

• Destination Airport: Minsk National Airport

• Destination Airport IATA Code: Minsk National Airport MSQ

• Destination City Name: Minsk

• Serving Airlines: Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Air Baltic

• Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines

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