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You can get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world by buying a flight ticket to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most beautiful countries in the world by recovering after the civil war it lived, will succeed in making you feel like you are walking through the dusty pages of history in every street you visit.

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located in the Southeast European region, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Balkan country that must be visited with its nature and history. Bordering countries such as Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a population of 3.5 million. The country, which borders the Adriatic Sea, has managed to become a country visited by tourists with its natural beauties. The capital city of the country, which draws attention with its historical texture in addition to its natural beauties, is the city of Sarajevo. Sarajevo is one of the largest and most populated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since a large part of the city is covered with mountains, ski tourism is quite developed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs. This country, where people of three different ethnic origins live, was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire at the time. The country, which later came under the rule of Austria-Hungary, succeeded in declaring its independence in 1992.

Although different climates are experienced in different parts of the country, continental climate and Mediterranean climate are the common climate types in the country. The country, which is very hot in summers with the effect of the Mediterranean climate, has a cold and harsh winter season dominated by the continental climate. Surrounded by mountains, the country has started to make a name for itself in winter tourism with the snowfall. If you want to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can enjoy a nice summer holiday by choosing the summer months. If you are going to visit the country in winter, it is useful to take advantage of the opportunity to ski. To go from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can choose land or air. Going with a company that organizes tours on land will also offer you the opportunity to visit more cities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina food culture

Bosnia and Herzegovina may be the favorite country of those who do not give up on traditional tastes and those who like to try new tastes. Answer is one of the most popular foods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a type of kebab. It is served with onions, and it is also flavored with a hot sauce. The first dish you should choose during your visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina should definitely be Answer. Burek is a pastry that can be the favorite of those looking for Ottoman flavors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This pastry made with cheese and meat is a food that should be tried with all its varieties. Dolma can be the choice of those who go to Bosnia and Herzegovina and do not give up on traditional tastes. Stuffed eggplant served as an aperitif can be made from zucchini and many other vegetables.

Begova Soup is also called Bey Soup. The soup made with a mixture of many vegetables, especially carrots and potatoes, is both appetizing and satisfying. This soup, which is mostly prepared during the holidays, is served with a hot sauce poured on it. Bosanski Ionac is a casserole dish prepared with meat and vegetables and is considered one of the country's national delicacies. Those who want to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina and eat dessert will definitely prefer tufahija. Prepared by stuffing apples with walnuts, this dessert is often served alongside coffee.

Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the pearls of the Balkan geography, bears the traces of the Ottoman Empire. When you go to the country, the abundance of places to visit can confuse you. It would be beneficial for you to visit the country, which offers many sightseeing areas with its natural beauties and historical buildings. Mostar Bridge is a spot that does not lose the first place among the places most visited by tourists. Located in the city of Mostar, the bridge has a historical feature as it was built by Architect Hayreddin.

Sebil Sarajevo is located in the center of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sebil, which has a deep-rooted history, is one of the frequent destinations of tourists. Blagay Tekesi is another Bosnia and Herzegovina beauty located in the city of Mostar. Located on the edge of a cliff, Blagay Lodge creates a magnificent view at the bottom of the Buna River. Bascarsija is an old settlement located in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bazaar, where many wooden shops are located, bears the traces of the Ottoman Empire. Bascarsija will be preferred by those who want to shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pioneer Valley Zoo is a zoo located in the city of Sarajevo. This zoo, with 59 different kinds of animals, will be a place that children will especially love.

Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope is a tunnel that carries the traces of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While wandering in this tunnel, it fascinates tourists with the dark side of war and the door to hope. Bjelasnica Mountain, the center of winter tourism, is the number one stop for tourists who want to ski. is going on. This mountain, where you can also take a cable car trip and nature walk, is a place where you can have a pleasant time with your friends. Morica Han is an inn located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is possible to come across Ottoman cultural elements in this inn. This inn, where you can chat with your friends over coffee, will be your resting place on your trip.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Transportation

Sarajevo Airport draws attention as the international airport of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in the capital, this airport is located in a location that can be reached by many means of transportation. It is provided by buses, minibuses and taxis.

Trains are the most widely used means of transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, between cities and with other countries. Buses come after trains. You can make pleasant journeys with these transportation vehicles, which are organized many times both between cities and between countries.

Airlines with flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Airport is Bosnia and Herzegovina's gateway to the world. This airport, which is the first address of visitors from many countries, welcomes millions of tourists every year. Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Pegasus Airlines, Flynas and Royal Jordanian stand out as airlines with non-stop flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When Should Bosnia and Herzegovina Be Visited?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal season for touristic trips, especially in summer.

Is There Winter Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Winter tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a developed country.

What is the Population of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a population of 3.5 million.

What Is The Currency Of Bosnia And Herzegovina?

The official currency used in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the currency known as the Bosnian Mark.

What is the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the province of Sarajevo.

What Time Zone is Used in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina uses the GMT+2 time zone and the country is 1 hour behind Turkey.

On which continent does Bosnia and Herzegovina eat?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the European continent.

Where to Shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You can shop in Bascarsija in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What Gifts to Buy from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You can buy special coffees and cured meats for your loved ones from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is it possible to meet someone who speaks Turkish in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You are likely to meet Turkish speaking people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Country Flight Information

It is possible to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina from Turkey both by road and by air. Transportation by road is generally touristic tours to the touristic regions of the country. Tours generally start with a trip to Sarajevo and continue with the cities of Mostar and Blagay.

It is possible to fly directly to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Istanbul by purchasing a Bosnia and Herzegovina flight ticket. It takes 55 minutes on average between Istanbul and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can get on the plane from Istanbul and start sightseeing in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1 hour.

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