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It is possible to explore the country by purchasing a Serbia flight ticket. Located in the Balkans, this country is visited by millions of people every year as it attracts attention with its historical and natural beauties. People who want to visit the city can reach Serbia in a short time thanks to the flight ticket they purchased. After arriving in Serbia, you can take impressive photos and explore historical places by visiting the natural beauties of the country.

Information about Serbia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

You can reach Serbia, located on the Balkan Peninsula, by purchasing a Serbia flight ticket. Serbia is a country with ethnic diversity. Serbia, which has hosted different states for many years, also attracts attention with its historical beauties. Historical buildings from many periods, especially the Roman and Ottoman empires, can be examined in Serbia.

People who visit Serbia also have the chance to visit the country within health tourism. Serbia is located in the European continent and its capital is Belgrade. The official languages used in the country are Serbian and Macedonian. The official currency of the country is the Serbian dinar and the average temperature of the country is 12 degrees.

People who want to visit Serbia may also want to have information about the country's climate. Serbia's climate can be shown as temperate. Since the country has a temperate climate, steppe and forest can be shown as vegetation. You may also wonder about the best time to visit the country, which has a temperate climate. Although the country has a generally temperate climate, the winter months are quite harsh. For this reason, people who want to visit the country are recommended to visit the country except for the winter months. Especially between April and September is the best time to visit Serbia.

Agriculture can be listed among the country's sources of income. After agriculture, mining can also be listed among the sources of income in the country. Iron mines located in some parts of the country are among the sources of income used for the development of the country. Serbia means White city in Serbian. There are many places to visit and see in this country, which means white city.

Kalemegdan is the first place to see during a trip to Serbia. This place is a castle and was built especially for defense purposes during the Roman Empire. This structure, built for defense purposes, was also the place where military units gathered for many years. The construction date of the building, which is known to have been built by the Roman Empire, is considered to be before Christ. This structure, which was used during the Roman Empire, was also used for defense purposes during the Ottoman period. It is possible to examine this structure, located at the intersection of the Danube and Sava rivers, by visiting Kalemegdan. This building, which is at the intersection of two rivers, also has an impressive view. It is recommended for everyone who visits Serbia to visit this place and take impressive photos here. The place looks more impressive, especially when it snows.

Knez Mihailova Street is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. This street in Belgrade is the most crowded street in the city. Knez Mihailova Street can be described as the modern face of Serbia. People visiting Serbia can visit many restaurants where they can buy a snack or drink coffee if they come to this street. It is shown as one of the most beautiful streets in both Serbia and Europe. Since the street is closed to vehicle traffic, it is recommended that people who want to take a walk visit this street.

Nikola Tesla Museum is a must-visit building during your trip to Serbia. This building was built for the world-famous Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla and many works of the inventor are exhibited inside. By visiting the Nikola Tesla Museum, it is possible to examine important documents belonging to Nikola Tesla and see the personal belongings of the inventor. Nikola Tesla Museum, which is among the most visited areas in Serbia, is one of the important points that everyone who visits the country should see.

People who visit Serbia also wonder what they can eat after visiting the places to visit. Since Serbia was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for many years, it also hosts influences of Turkish cuisine. Meat constitutes a large part of the dishes in the country's cuisine. Pljeskavica can be listed among the foods that people visiting the city should eat. This dish, called Serbia's traditional meat dish, is among the must-try foods for everyone visiting Serbia. During your visit to Serbia, you can also taste the steak dish called Karadordeva Snicla. Serbian cream called Kajmak and Serbian salad called Ajvar can also be listed among the foods that visitors to the city should try.

How to Get to the Airport?

Serbian People who visit the country with the option of buying a flight ticket to Istanbul wonder how they can reach the airport. The airport located in Serbia and serving internationally can be said to be Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. This airport is located approximately 18 kilometers from Belgrade city centre. People who want to travel between the airport and the city center can use buses. It is possible to reach the city center from the airport in 30 to 40 minutes by using buses. Taxis located at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport can also be preferred for trips between the city center and the airport. It is possible to reach the airport from the city center in approximately 20 minutes by using taxis.

Transportation to Serbia

It is possible to visit Serbia with the option of buying a Serbia flight ticket. People who buy flight tickets have the chance to reach Serbia in the most comfortable and fastest way. Serbia, with direct flights from Turkey, is among the visa-free countries. Serbia is among the countries frequently visited by Turkish citizens as it does not require a visa from Turkish citizens. People who want to reach Serbia from Turkey can reach the city with direct flights from Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

People who visit Serbia also wonder what transportation facilities are available in the city. Buses, trams and trains are among the means of transportation that can be used to explore the historical and natural beauties in Serbia. Since Serbia has a wide public transportation network, many points of the country can be reached by preferred public transportation.

Airlines with Flights to Serbia

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Wizz Air

• Air Cairo

• Ryanair

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Are There Direct Flights to Serbia from Turkey?

There are direct flights to Serbia from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

When Should You Visit Serbia?

The best time to visit Serbia is spring and summer.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Serbia?

Transportation between cities in Serbia can be provided by buses and trams.

What is the Official Currency of Serbia?

The official currency of Serbia is the Serbian dinar

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Serbia?

You can buy handicraft products as gifts from Serbia. Especially porcelain or wooden products can be purchased during a trip to Serbia.

Is Serbia's Nightlife Lively?

Serbia's nightlife is quite lively. There are many bars and entertainment clubs, especially in Belgrade.

Is Serbia a Cheap Country?

Serbia can be shown among the cheap countries. A point that visitors to the country should pay attention to is that exorbitant prices may be charged in taxis to deceive tourists.

Does Serbia Require a Visa from Turkey?

Serbia does not require visas from Turkish citizens

What Festivals Are Held in Serbia?

The most notable among the festivals held in Serbia is the debut festival held in July.

Is it possible to get along by speaking English in Serbia?

It is possible to meet many people who speak English and Russian in Serbia. For this reason, it is possible for people who speak English to easily communicate with the young population living in the city.

Flight Information to Serbia

Destination Airport: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport BEG

Destination City Name: Belgrade

Serving Airlines:

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Wizz Air

• Air Cairo

• Ryanair

Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

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