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People who buy a Liechtenstein flight ticket can visit one of the smallest countries in the world. Liechtenstein has a surface area of only 160 kilometers. Although it has a small area, the country is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists. People who visit the country by purchasing a flight ticket have the chance to see historical and natural beauties.

Information about Liechtenstein, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a Liechtenstein flight ticket arrive at a very small but enjoyable country to visit. Liechtenstein is one of the 10 smallest countries in the world. The country, which borders countries such as Switzerland and Austria, is located in the Rhine valley. Vaduz was determined as the country center. The number of people living in the center is approximately 30000. Liechtenstein is a country without borders on the sea and its mountains, the highest point of which is approximately 2600 meters.

People who want to travel to Liechtenstein should know that the country is divided into 11 administrative regions. These administrative regions are designated as a village or a town. Since Vaduz was determined as the capital of the country, Vaduz was the unit that attracted the most visitors in the country. People who want to visit the country cannot reach the country directly from Turkey. The reason for this is that the country has a small surface area and does not have an international airport where direct flights from Turkey can be operated. Since it is not possible to buy a flight ticket to Liechtenstein, people who want to travel from Turkey must buy a flight ticket to Zurich or Germany. After purchasing a flight ticket to these two regions, trains can be preferred to reach the country.

It is recommended to visit Liechtenstein in the winter months. The reason for this is that the country has managed to make a name for itself with winter tourism. People who want to travel to the country can visit between January and February if they want to enjoy their winter holiday. It is possible to engage in different activities such as winter sports or skiing while visiting the country. During your visit to Liechtenstein, you should also taste the country's unique delicacies. The dish prepared with corn starch called Ribel is one of the local flavors of the country. Additionally, country-specific pancakes and wines are other local delicacies that should be tasted during the trip.

People who buy Liechtenstein flight tickets should definitely visit the city of Vaduz, the capital of the country. People visiting the city of Vaduz can start their trip with the Vaduz Cathedral located here. Vaduz Cathedral was built in the late 1800s. This cathedral, which has an important place among the tourist spots of the country, attracts attention with its gothic architecture. For this reason, it is recommended that people traveling to the country visit this cathedral and witness its historical texture closely.

People who want to be in touch with nature during their trip to Liechtenstein can visit the Alps. The Alps will be the favorite of people who travel during the winter months and want to ski. There are different ski facilities and tracks for winter sports in the Alps. In this way, people visiting the country from December can enjoy skiing and winter sports. Liechtenstein Art Museum is one of the must-visit tourist spots for people who want to learn about the history of the country. This museum contains various collections that art lovers will follow with interest. There are also various collections in the museum where the country's artistic works can be examined.

When Liechtenstein is mentioned, the town of Balzers comes to mind. This town has a view straight out of a fairy tale. People who visit this town, surrounded by greenery and mountain views, can enjoy the peace. People who visit the town can see the natural beauties here and also have the chance to spend time in peace.

How to Get to the Airport?

Since Liechtenstein does not have an airport, it is not a country that can be reached by plane. For this reason, people who want to visit the country can choose different airports located close to the country. Since there is no Liechtenstein Airport, Zurich Airport, which is closest to the country, can be preferred. Zurich Airport is located in Switzerland and is the airport that should be preferred by people who want to reach Liechtenstein by air. People landing at this airport can choose to travel by train from Zurich to Liechtenstein. Thanks to the train journey between Zurich and Vaduz, you can reach Vaduz in a short time. People who want to reach Zurich Airport can reach the airport with direct flights from Turkey. Passengers arriving at Zurich Airport can travel to Vaduz by train or car.

Transportation to Liechtenstein

Reached Liechtenstein Road or railway may be preferred for the loop. To reach the country from Turkey, you can purchase a flight ticket to Zurich Airport in Switzerland. People arriving at Zurich Airport can choose to travel by train or bus to reach Liechtenstein. The capital of the country can be reached in a short time from Zurich and the trip can be started in a short time. Airports in Germany can also be preferred to reach Liechtenstein. People who buy plane tickets to airports in Germany can reach Vaduz by train from here.

Airlines with Flights to Liechtenstein

• SunExpress

• Pegasus Airlines

• Turkish Airlines

• Aegean Airlines

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How to Reach Liechtenstein from Turkey?

It is not possible to choose a direct air route to reach Liechtenstein from Turkey. People who want to reach the country by air can buy a flight ticket to reach Zurich Airport. You can reach Zurich directly from cities such as Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul or via transfers from different cities in Turkey. People traveling from Turkey to Zurich may prefer to travel by train to reach Liechtenstein from Zurich.

When should a trip be organized to Liechtenstein?

The best time to organize a trip to the country can be explained as winter. For this reason, the country can be visited pleasantly between December and February.

What Activities Can Be Carried Out in Liechtenstein?

People visiting the country can enjoy winter sports. People who visit the ski resorts in the Alps can ski as well as do winter sports.

What are the Special Flavors of Liechtenstein Cuisine?

The dish called Ribel can be mentioned among the flavors specific to the country. In addition, since the country is famous for its wines, grape wines should definitely be tasted during your visit to the country.

What Festivals Are Held in Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein is one of the countries where the most festivals are held. Festivals held in the country are mainly focused on music. In addition, August 15 has been designated as a national day in the country. Celebrations are held in different parts of the country on the national day. People visiting the city can enjoy different events such as the opera festival and guitar days.

Which Religion Is Adopted in Liechtenstein?

The official religion adopted in the country is Christianity. However, there are also people with different religions and sects in the country.

What Languages Are Spoken in Liechtenstein?

German has been designated as the official language of the country. In addition to German, you can also communicate with citizens in the country by speaking English.

Where to Stay During a Liechtenstein Trip?

People visiting the country can stay in hotels. It is also possible to stay in the ski resorts in the Alps and in the villages of the country. Since Liechtenstein is divided into 11 administrative divisions, there are different accommodation options in each division. Villages and towns are also included in these 11 administrative divisions. People visiting villages and towns can also choose different alternatives for local accommodation.

How Many Days Should Be Allotted for a Liechtenstein Trip?

Liechtenstein is a very small country. Therefore, people who want to visit the country need to plan a two or three-day trip. During this two-three-day trip, all the natural beauties in the country can be discovered. People who want to visit the country during the winter months should plan their trip for a minimum of one week. The reason for this is that winter sports and skiing gain popularity in the country during the winter months.

Which Currency is Used in Liechtenstein?

The official currency used in the country is the Swiss franc.

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