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People who buy a flight ticket to Greece have the chance to explore Greece, one of Turkey's neighbors. Greece, considered one of the cultural capitals, has hosted different civilizations for many years. This country, which comes to mind when philosophy and mythology are mentioned, hosts touristic spots that should be visited and seen.

Information about Greece, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Greece can visit the country located in Southeastern Europe. The capital of Greece is Athens and the official language used in the country is Greek. It is possible for people visiting the country to hear different languages spoken in different parts of Greece. Languages such as Turkish and Albanian are frequently spoken in the country. You can also easily communicate in English in the country.

Since Greece is a member of the European Union, the official currency used in the country is the Euro. In this country, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, maquis is seen as vegetation. For this reason, people who want to visit Greece wonder when they should visit the country. Greece is a country under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Due to the effect of the Mediterranean climate, summer months in the country reach high temperatures, while winter months are warmer. The country does not see minus degrees even in winter, reaching up to 35 degrees in summer. Therefore, the best time to visit Greece is spring and autumn.

The first place that people who buy flight tickets to Greece should visit in the country is the capital Athens. People who visit Athens can see structures belonging to many civilizations, especially Byzantine and Ottoman. The Acropolis is a must-see during your trip to Athens. Acropolis is called an open-air museum and architectural ruins from past periods are found in this area. People visiting the region have the chance to visit this area located on Athens Hill and watch the view of Athens. The Temple of Olympian Zeus should definitely be visited during your trip to Athens. This temple is the largest temple in the country and has a height of 17 meters. This temple had more than a hundred columns when it was built, only 15 of them have survived today. People who visit Athens should definitely visit the national archaeological museum in the city. Since Greece is home to different civilizations, it is possible to see artifacts dating back 7000 years in this museum.

After Athens, the most visited city in Greece is Thessaloniki. People visiting Greece should definitely visit the house where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born. If you visit the Ataturk house in Thessaloniki, it is possible to see the house where Ataturk was born and to examine Ataturk's personal belongings.

The majority of people who buy flight tickets to Greece want to visit the Greek islands in the country. The Greek Islands are the most important tourism resources of Greece. These islands consist of over 6 thousand islets. It is possible to see the Greek islands thanks to daily trips to Greece, especially from Turkey. The islands that attract the most attention among the Greek Islands are Lesbos and Chios. In addition, islands such as Rhodes, Mykonos and Samos are among the tourism spots visited by millions of people every year.

People who are hungry during their visit to Greece can find food that suits their taste. Especially when Turkish citizens visit the country, they encounter many foods that suit their tastes. During your visit to Greece, you can choose the food called Gyros, which resembles doner kebabs. In addition to this food, local delicacies such as Greek salad and souvlaki can also be tasted during your trip to Greece.

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How to Get to the Airport?

There are many airports that organize international flights to Greece. The most notable among these airports is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is located close to Athens city center. People who want to reach the airport can choose public transportation networks. You can easily reach the airport by public transportation such as bus, tram and metro. Additionally, people who want to reach the airport more comfortably can also choose taxis or rental cars.

Transportation to Greece

There are direct flights to Greece from Turkey. There are direct flights to Greece from different cities in Turkey. It is possible to fly to Greece every day from the airports in Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul, you can also fly to the capital of Greece from airports in Izmir and Ankara. The journey between Istanbul and Athens takes approximately one and a half hours, and air travel should be preferred for the fastest way to reach Greece.

Airlines with Flights to Greece

• Aegean Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Turkish Airlines

• SunExpress

How Many Hours Can It Take to Reach Greece from Turkey?

Türkiye and Greece are two countries located close to each other. Road and air transportation can be preferred to visit Greece. Since it takes longer to reach the country by road, visits to Greece are usually made by air. Thanks to flights from Istanbul, you can reach Greece after a one and a half hour journey.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Greece?

People visiting the country wonder which vehicles they can choose to see touristic spots and travel within the city. Public transportation networks may be preferred for urban transportation. Since Greece has a developed public transportation network, you can reach different parts of the country by public transportation. Bus, metro and tram lines can be preferred for urban transportation in Greece. In addition, affordable trips can be made within the city using taxis and rental cars.

Where to Stay in Greece?

Greece is a country that is flooded with tourists at all times of the year. People who want to visit the country, especially in the summer months, should make hotel reservations months in advance. While 5-star hotels are generally preferred for accommodation in the country, hostels in which historical buildings have been converted can also be preferred for accommodation. People who want to stay in the capital Athens can choose boutique hotels.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Greece?

People who have an enjoyable trip to Greece may want to buy Greek souvenirs before returning to their country. Ceramic products can be listed among the souvenirs that can be purchased upon return from a trip to Greece. Additionally, people who are interested in mythology may prefer statues of gods or goddesses. People who want to bring food products as gifts on their return can choose Kavala cookies or Chios cheese varieties.

Is Nightlife Lively in Greece?

Greece is a lively country both day and night. Especially Athens, the capital of the country, is a popular destination for night entertainment. Nightclubs, entertainment venues with DJ performances and hotel tavern entertainment are the entertaining side of nightlife in Athens.

What Festivals Are Held in Greece?

In Greece, the Thessaloniki international film festival, the Athens open-air film festival and the Kalamata international dance festival are held.

Do I Need a Visa to Greece?

Greece is a member of the European Union and can be visited with a Schengen visa. Turkish citizens need a visa to visit Greece.

What are the places to visit in Greece?

During your trip to Greece, the Greek Islands, Athens and Thessaloniki should be visited first. It is recommended that people who will visit the country, especially in the summer months, organize a trip to the Greek islands.

What Should You Know Before Going to Greece?

People visiting the country should first have information about siesta time, which is important for Greeks. The time period between 14.00 and 17.00, called siesta time, is covered. It is not possible to find an open shop in Greece during this time period. Additionally, 90% of shops and stores in Greece are closed on Sunday. You should definitely have money with you when visiting Greece because some restaurants still do not accept payment by credit card.

Can You Communicate Speaking English in Greece?

Among the points that concern people who visit Greece are which languages are spoken in the country. Greek is determined as the official language in Greece, but you can also encounter people speaking different languages such as Turkish and Hungarian. Since most of the country also knows how to speak English, it is easy to communicate in Greece by speaking English.

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